About CLIX

Canadian Live InternetExchange (CLIX)is anintegrated broadcast and bidsystem that allows auctioncompanies and independentdealers to sell livestock andchattels through a live auctionbroadcast, with or without real-time bidding.

CLIX offers a variety of service models to meet the on-line broadcast and bidding challenges that you and your organization faces. We strive to give solutions to agricultural marketers that will suit any need and capability


Our crew has spent 15 years perfecting a real-time on-line auction system that allows auction events to be streamed with video, audio & market data. We use the latest technology and apply it in the best form to your unique situation. We have overcome challenges such as limited connectivity, low lighting, cold weather, and other harsh conditions. As a result, we are always working to find a solution to any challenge you may be facing. Let us help you to bring the world to your auction event. If you need a solution that is quick and clear. We have what you need.


Our registration process is easy to use. Each user can self-identify as a viewer, a base bidder, or an advanced bidder. As a viewer, the user is asked very little information and allowed in to view any auction on the CLIX system by providing a username (email provided by the user at the one-time registration) and password (chosen by the user at registration).

As a base bidder, the user is asked to also provide credit card information. Each time they enter an auction on the CLIX system, the base bidder will be asked for a daily bid amount. To ensure payment, the base bidder’s credit card is pre-authorized for that amount. This limits the bidding power of that individual and ensures you get paid when you bill out that base bidder at the end of the auction. As an advanced bidder, the user no longer needs a credit card to back their bidding power. Rather they are asked for banking information and back-up documentation. That will allow CLIX representatives to verify the bidding power of each advanced bidder. Regardless of the option the user chooses, we are hopeful that the experience is enjoyable, simple and secure for everyone involved.


An auction has many moving parts. Products on offer must be presented quickly, and in their best light. The auctioneer’s chant must be heard clearly and the patter understandable by the viewer, the bidder and the clerk. Finally, the online clerk must be able to track the auction action on-line. Our system has been designed to make that tracking fast and flexible. We want your clerk to be comfortable when following the auctioneer and responding to bids whether live or online.


Regardless of the service model you choose, we can accommodate large and small operators alike. As well, we offer options that will allow you to market through your own entity, or piggy-back on an existing CLIX member market.While we are here to provide you the best possible experience in on-line auction. One that allows personal interaction and automated exchange. Through these efforts, our aim is to build a network of extremely honest and highly qualified market operators and dealers that can serve those who serve the agriculture sector.